Retirement and Deferred Compensation Information

Retirement Information

Thinking about retirement or just want to know what steps you will need to think about in the future. View the Employee Trust Fund website with guidance and information on retirement.

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program

The Village provides employees the opportunity to put income into a 407(b) retirement plan. This plan is in addition to any WRS funds the employee puts towards retirement. Please visit the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation page for further information. Please Email Joseph Herron or by work phone 608-241-6604 or cell phone 262-902-7817.

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Contribution Change Form (PDF)
Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Application (PDF)
Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Rollover Transfer Application (PDF)

FTJ Fund Choice Retirement Program

This program is similar to the Wisconsin Deferred Compensation program but isn't run through ETF and the State of Wisconsin. Ed Shipley facilitates this and he can be reached at 262-392-3345 or email at Ed Shipley

AFLAC Supplemental Insurance Program

The Village has partnered with AFLAC Insurance to provide employees with any supplemental specialty insurance they may desire. These benefits range from Dental and Vision insurance to disability and cancer insurance programs. The contact for AFLAC is Dennis Plotecher at 262-246-8516 or 414-861-0110 or email Dennis Plotecher