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Hartland Help Center
Waukesha County Metro Drug Unit
The department has an officer assigned to this unit as an investigator on a part-time basis. Illegal drug activity in the Lake Country area is a never ending problem, and the Hartland area is no exception.

Taking Action
The department has taken several steps to address the concerns and demands for action.

  • Patrol staff has received specific drug identification training that will benefit their efforts during traffic enforcement activities and while handling other calls for service
  • Two staff members are federally certified Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and this gives the department the ability to deal not only with drunk drivers, but also drugged drivers
  • Being a member of the Metro Drug Unit, the department has full access to all the resources that are provided by Waukesha County for drug enforcement activities, as well as federal resources

The assigned officer works the Lake Country area of Waukesha County, and possible asset forfeiture funds may become available. These funds can be used to provide necessary police department equipment.