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Hartland Help Center
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a library card?   You may sign up for a card at the front desk in the library. You must bring proof of your current address.

I live in another municipality. Can I get a library card in Hartland?   Yes. You may apply for a card in Hartland, and it will be good at all 24 Waukesha and Jefferson County libraries.

Are there computers that I can use?   Yes, we have seven computers with Internet access, word processing, Excel and PowerPoint. They are available any time the library is open. You can sign on yourself with your library card, or if you are just passing through we will put you on as a guest. You may use a computer for two hours each day, or more if no one is waiting.

How old do I have to be to use a library computer?   You must be 18 years of age to use a computer. Children under 18 may use computers with their parent’s permission. Please see the staff at the circulation desk for help signing up.

How many books, DVDs or CDs can I check out?   There is a limit of 75 items that may be checked out at one time.

How long may I keep books and other materials out?   Most books and audio books circulate for three weeks. DVDs and CDs circulate for one week.  Items other than new fiction may be renewed twice, unless someone is on hold for them. E-books may be checked out for three weeks, but are not renewable at this time.

How do I renew my books?   You can renew by going into “my account” in our library on-line catalog, at the library or from home. You may also call 367-3350 to renew your materials. Materials on hold for someone else may not be renewed.

Can I return books from another library here?   You may return books from the 24 Waukesha and Jefferson County public libraries here, or at any library in the system.

Why are the fines different at different libraries when you are all on the same computer system?   All of the libraries in the Waukesha County Federated Library System are individually owned , funded and operated by their own municipalities. They all have their own rules and regulations, even though we have joined together to provide the same on-line catalog.

Can I check out without my library card?   You can check out with another form of identification up to three times per year without a library card.

I am trying to access my account online. What is the barcode, and what is the password?   The barcode is the number on your library card, including the letters and numbers. The password is either your birth date or the last four numbers of your phone. You may change the password to anything you wish once you have accessed it.

The computer says my book has been shipped. Why isn’t it there?   The van delivery comes five days a week in the morning to the library. Once a book has been pulled from a different library and sent to our library, the computer will say it has been shipped even though it may not be on the van yet.

Do you have a copy machine?   Yes, copies are .15 per copy. Our machine is self-serve, and it is located near the circulation desk.

Do you have a scanner?   Yes, our copy machine will also scan. The reference librarian can help you with this.

Do you have a fax machine?   Not at this time.

Do you have WiFi service at the library? Do I need a password?   We do have WiFi, and you do not need a password.

Do you have a meeting room?   We have a program room for library and community use. Please see our website for the application form and eligibility.

Do you have tax forms?   Yes, we carry some tax forms between January and April 15th. We do not carry every form, and supplies are limited. We can print forms for you from the IRS website for .15 per page.