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Hartland Help Center
Building, Inspection and Zoning Forms
Board of Zoning Appeals Application - Click link to Sec. 46-125 of the Zoning Code for further information 
Building Permit Application 
Building Permit Fee Schedule 
Business Occupancy Permit 
Residential Occupancy Permit - includes the Refund Voucher
Electrical Permit 
HVAC Permit 
Land Disturbance Permit
Plumbing Permit
Sandwich Board Sign - Commercial Areas
Sign Permit 
WI Uniform Building Permit - for new home construction 

Architectural Board Application - Commercial/Industrial/Multifamily and Signs
Architectural Board Application - One & Two Family Residential
Conditional Use Application 
Petition for Land Division
Plan Commission Application 
Planned Unit Development Application
Professional Service Reimbursement Form
Zoning/Rezoning Petition Form
Link to Chapter 46 Zoning Ordinance
Link to Chapter 50 Land Subdivision 

Appendix A Appendix F Chapter 1 Chapter 6
Appendix B Appendix G Chapter 2 Chapter 7
Appendix C Appendix H Chapter 3 Chapter 8
Appendix D Appendix I Chapter 4 Chapter 9
Appendix E Chapter 5 Chapter 10

Smart Growth Plan Map

Design Guidelines for downtown area

E. Capitol Drive Redevelopment Plan Part 1
E. Capitol Drive Redevelopment Plan Part 2 

E. Capitol Drive Redevelopment Plan Appendix 1-4
E. Capitol Drive Redevelopment Plan Appendix 5-8

Village Center Plan - Part 1 
Village Center Plan - Part 2 
Village Center Plan - Part 3
Village Center Plan - Part 4